Archa Ghodge Live The Life To Its Fullest...: Walk on the sea side..

Monday, March 11, 2013

Walk on the sea side..

Have you ever sat along the sea side???
Its so vast and unending and deep...yet calm and soothing...

Waves in the ocean come and go like the events in our life...
The sound of the sea makes all the chattering in our mind to shut up

However deep may be the impression on the sand but the sea water does not allow that impression to last longer, making us realize that life is much more beyond our past impressions...

Sea is always flowing with so much of energy... never getting tired

The breeze along the sea side makes one sense the divinity in the air

Walk by the sea side brings back the life in a person and is so much more rejuvenating ...

Archa Ghodge

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