Archa Ghodge Live The Life To Its Fullest...: The Journey Through The Oasis

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Journey Through The Oasis

The Journey through the oasis
Don' Get Scared Of The Long Way

It Is The Journey Through The Oasis
But I Know Across It Is The Ocean Of Abundance

No Matter How Long Is The Way
But I Am Gratified By The Strength I Am Blessed With

The Gems That I Come Across The Path
Make Me Forget The Scorching Heat Of The Sun

It Is Laborious To Take Each Step Here
But I Know Somewhere Some Angel Is Keeping A Watch On Me

And This Feeling That I Am Accompanied By Someone By My Side 
Make My Spirit Rise More And More  High...:)

- Archa Ghodge



  1. Very b'ful and heart warming poem!

  2. awsom poem archa !!!!.....keep writing :)

  3. If each of us realises this simple fact that 'I am not alone', half the battle is won :)
    Brilliant start to the super cool blog Archa!! :) :)
    All the best!! :)